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Last but not least dont try self-bondage unsupervised - It can be dangerous !
Remember when we do any filming we are there if anything goes wrong

Read more about Self Bondage Safety   (You will be directed to our main site)

Chimerabondage576 is an older version of our main site giving you access to only our SD videos from 2007 to 2010, conseqently we are offering it at a much lower price.

Chimerabondage576 will not be updated and has no new HD content, for that you need to go to . Since 2010 we have increased our video resolution to 1920 X 1080 and added more cameras - Sometimes upto five simultaneous cameras recording all angles in HD detail for your enjoyment.

Chimerabondage hates the substandard selfbondage videos other website try to sell you, so we usually have something 'interesting / unexpected' happen to our girls once they are fully secured and unable to stop what is about to take place.